Friday, June 17, 2011

Iron Chef Cabramatta

Sunday, 08/05/2011
Whoopps I am very behind with my blogging coz I have been buried with work. After I got back from holiday I got like 440+ emails to action, took me about 1.5 week to go through & action all of them. I have been working like crazy to get my head above the water & when I get home I am quite exhausted to do anything. Anyway...enough whining, smile ... tomorrow is Friday !!

A few friends have been recommending Iron Chef (located in a suburb called Cabramatta). I haven't made any effort at all to go there, it is a little far from where I live. Such a coincidence that G picked Iron Chef for his birthday this year..woohoo. I finally have a valid excuse to go there to try their food.

We are unfamiliar with the Cabramatta area & how to get there business...thank God for the invention of GPS we reached Cabramatta (suburb - Sydney's little Vietnamese town) in 45 mins. Parking hunt took us about 10 minutes. The restaurant is massive with typical Chinese decor, fish tanks & the 2 dragons on the main entrance. It was packed on a Sunday night which is a good sign.

As usual, my gang over ordered everything, nothing new really =)
All the dishes are tasty, mostly lean meat, nicely presented and generous portion. The only downfall on that night was slow service & lack of staff .... perhaps it just happened that Mother's Day was on the same day as G's party. I will definitely go back for their roast duck. Thank you G for the great party !!

Cold dish - jelly fish, pig's ear, chicken feet, pork knuckle?
Peking duck pancake - Juicy & lean duck, crispy skin
Roast duck - Tasty, juicy, lean and crispy skin - highly recommended !!
Roast duck
Deep fried Quail - really crispy yet juicy
Salmon Fried Rice
Prawns in salted egg yolk
Sea cucumber stiry fry
Duck Noodle
Seasonal menu

Shandong chicken - Crispy chicken with vinegar sauce
Pork hotpot with preserved vegies - my less fave dish, pork was to fatty, nice to have a bite
Chocolate Doggy Birthday cake for G from Bread Top


  1. iron chef makes the best prawns coated in salted egg yolk! heeh that cake is so cute!

  2. Vivian - anything fried & coated in salted egg yolk can never go wrong hehehe..thx for dropping by =)