Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cheeky Monkey Cake Decorating Class

12/03/2011 Saturday

To keep myself occupied on a Saturday, I decided to do Cheeky Monkey Decorating Class @ my dearest friend's cake decorating school, Handi's Cakes by Handi Mulyana.

The course ran from 10am till 4pm, and you will be surprised on how much has to be done to decorate a 1 tier cake with 1 figurine made from scratch. At the end of the course I was quite exhausted, it is surprisingly mega labourous.

The class is informal, relaxed & tons of great fun, very different from my day to day corporate environment, it's like a short break by itself - which is what I desperately need & deserve at the moment. I am really proud of my 1st masterpiece .... I still cant believe myself that my cake decorating skills had a sudden hike.The cake was too cute to be cut, I didn't cut the cake for 1 day ... I was admiring the cake for a day LOL, I did bring it to work on Monday for my collegues. The cake was goneski in 15 mins.

Slicing the cake into 3 equal parts ... a little messy =)
Ganaching with milk chocolate (covering the whole cake in chocolate), I need to improve my techniques to smoothen my ganaching
Smoothing my cake
Palm leaves in the making
My Cheeky Monkey cake is ready .... super cute, banana on his hand, palm trees around the cake and funky hairstyle !!
Too cute to be cut ...

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