Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sepia Restaurant

One more Birthday party to go for year 2009, birthday boy has asked me to select a place to go... da..dahhh..I picked Sepia Restaurant. I picked it because I heard some gozz that the owner used to be the head chef at Tetsuya and it is conveniently located in CBD (behind Darling Harbour) and everyone can just make their own way there.

Pre Starter - Eel consomme and seaweed
It is okay, kinda like drinking tea with seaweed flavour.

Friend's Starter - Ocean trout with apple salad

My Starter - Prawn with black sesame rice crackers, micro basil, black sesame sauce

Main - Butter poached Fish with subtle miso sauce & crispy seaweed, they laid some vegies underneath the fish but I can't remember the type of the vegs (I think it was garlic shoot).

Side - Creamed Corn with lime butter
I love the baby cooper pot, I just want to take it home.

Pre Dessert - Moscato jelly with lychee sorbet & peach

Dessert - Elements of Chocolate (chocolate bubbles, prune,etc)

Dessert - Sponge with strawberry, custard & buckwheat (deep fried)
Very yummy, not heavy and mild sweetness.

We definitely love the food, the presentation, the ambience etc, the only flop of the night was the rude & snob waiter. Not all of them got attitude problem, we just happened to be so (UN)lucky to be served by a yo-yo mood swing waiter.

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