Sunday, December 6, 2009

El Bulli (Sydney)

Another birthday invite this weekend for me, I was invited to go El Bulli Spanish Tapas located in Randwick. Took us around 15 minutes to decide what we want to order as they have good variety of tapas. We ordered double of everything except for Paella.
Did pretty well, 95% vanished from the table.
Overall they are good, friendly waiter, nice little cosy restaurant, and good variety of tapas.

Potato with aioli sauce

Chicken & chorizo Paella balls - don't be fooled by the size of this little paella ball (ping pong ball size), they are quite filling. Never mind...they are too good to be missed.

Chicken & chorizo Paella balls

Grilled Stuffed mushroom with pancetta and parsley

Garlic Prawn - not impressed at all coz they were using frozen prawns

Empanadillas - beef, olive & egg wrapped in pastry
This is spanish version of curry puff, pity that their puff is not crispy.
I still think Singapore/ Malaysian curry puff is way better.

Grilled Lamb with Garlic - I am not a big fan of lamb because of the smell, however this was okay for me as they are pretty generous with the garlic sauce which balanced the lamb smell.

Seafood Paella with chorizo

Seafood Paella with chorizo - mussel, prawn, calamari, vongole, etc.
This is a must try item if you go there, make sure you just order for 2 person (it is enough for 7 person).

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