Sunday, January 18, 2009

My crimes on Friday nite

5.30pm - Earliest dinner in my life, pre theatrical dinner @ Aria Restaurant with my "sisters".

Hoorray....Freebie does exist in this world, we were so excited as soon as we heard the magic sentence from the waitress "Complimentary from the Chef today".

FREEBIE - Corn soup with prawn

Simple, flavoursome & creamy, I don't think I need more than a shot

Entree - Scallop w prawn crisps, shaved fennel and tamarind date sauce
I luv scallops in every way, my judgement might be biased ??
Perfectly cooked scallops & beautiful sauce to go with it.

Entree - Terrine of duck, dates, baby carrots and duck ham
Didn't try this, too meaty for my liking

Main - Blue eye Trevalla steamed fillet with grenolate, prawns & tomato vinaigrette
Very light and moist, nicely blanched sweet cherry tomatoes, and risotto balls cooked with some cheese (brown balls)

Main - Roasted lamb with lamb pastia, fennel & red capsicum

Main - Petuna Ocean Trout, slow cooked with samphire, watercress & pink grapefruit sabayon

Side dish - Steamed Broccolini with garlic & chilli

Another freebies....too good to be true.
Dessert - macaroon, macadamia nougat & caramel choc

7pm - we have to fix the bill ??
Don't we all hate this part ??
Paid the bill finally with high degree of reluctant-ness.

Rushed to Sydney Opera House to watch "Le Grand Cirque". Reminds me of The Incredibles (Elastigirl), Everyone was stretchable, bendable, swinging high up in the sky etc.
The show was all right, I prefer Cirque De Soleil though.

10pm - Guylian Belgium Chocolate Cafe

Opera My Way Cake

Waffle with Praline & African choc sauce
I have to say Max Brenner's waffle is far better, Guylian's version is too fluffy & tasteless, well compensated with the nice praline.

Creme Brule & Biscotti

11pm - time to gooooo home and feel quilty !@#)(*^&#@)!!

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