Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ChinaTown trip ....

We love Holland Village Nasi Lemak, been going to them for the past X many years.
Eventhough they have a stall in Holland V area (obvious from the name rite) which is about 10 mins from where we live, and mom prefers to go to their Chinatown stall which is 30 mins away. It doesn't make any sense (to me) hehehehe ....

Hailed the cab to go the Chinatown area to satisfy our nasi lemak craving.
Done. Happy. Satisfied.
Things we do for food ....

Katong Laksa/ Holland V Nasi Lemak

Various fried stuff from fish ball, fried chicken, ikan bilis, crab stick, etc.

Kueh Tutu - next to Nasi lemak stall

Other stall... Soon kueh

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