Saturday, February 12, 2011

Only in New Zealand

I am still exhausted from my South Island, New Zealand trip. We drove so much & I reach a point where I am really sick of sitting in a car right now, well I should re-phrase this sentence...My friend drove a lot & I just sit back and read the map/ GPS hehehehe... fyi, I don't know how to drive (yet). On average, we sat in the car for about 6-10 hours per day.

Okay..I better stop whingeing, here's some random stuff I found whilst travelling around South Island, New Zealand.

Art festival - Christchurch
$70 Doggy door stopper from Toi Toi Christchurch, if only I can carry this heavy hot Britton dog
Kiwi worms, Kiwi wee, Kiwi Poo, Squashed Possumes...relax...they are all choccies
Sheep droppings, Honey Bee Droppings, Cow Poo & flies ... safe to eat I guarantee
Orgasmic ice cream - Chocolate Climax, Strawberry Seduction
Orgasmic Ice Cream - Virgin Vanilla, Kinky Karamel

Hooker Valley - Mount Cook

Aggy's Shack - Queenstown
Aggy's Shack menu - anyone up for Mutton Bird/ Sea egg?

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