Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Zealand (South Island) trip - Part 1

We visited quite a number of cities in South Island (New Zealand), I would say about 10 cities. We covered all of them in 7 days. Each city is unique & memorable in its own way. I will gradually post infos on each city (things to do, what to see/ eat, market), stay tune =)

  • Christchurch Cathedral - charming ... pity it is a little ruined by the earthquake during Christmas 2010.
  • Christchurch Tram - great way to go around town $17 all day pass
  • Christchurch Free loop city bus - FREE, bus runs every 15-20 minutes
  • Art Centre Market - Small market located next to a mini shopping - jewellery, food, art & craft
  • Riccarton Market - 2nd hand market, fresh produce, food
  • Kathmandu warehouse - Best value Kathmandu ever, sorry Sydney...they are cheaper - located on 124 Riccarton Road, Christchurch
  • Toi Toi - unique jewellery, gifts, arts & homewares 271 High Street, Christchurch
  • Kilt - NZ made clothing & accesories store
  • Teasme - Bubble tea shop
  • Mrs Higgin Cookies - NZ freshly baked cookie shop
  • Strawberry Fare - Dessert galore
  • Thai Smile - Thai restaurant certified by Thai PM, authentic & great quality, slightly on the pricey side though as I am comparing it with Sydney
Christchurch Cathedral - they are still renovating the sides of the church, hopefully no more earth quakes !!
Christchurch Tramways
Art Centre Market - Scallop Roll is a must have + Grand Marnier Crepe (single crepe drizzled with grand marnier & dusted with icing sugar)
Riccarton Market - Potato Pancake lady
Riccarton Market - combination potato pancake, crispy pancake with lettuce, tomato, mushroom, meat, sauerkraut (onion) on the top, generous portion. The sauerkraut gives a little kick of tangyness to the whole package.
Riccarton Market - Whitebait patties
Riccarton Market - Whitebait patties, ie. whitebait omelette, served with white bread, simple & tasty.
Riccarton Market - Mini donuts - seems to be really popular with the locals, pity we didn't have extra capacity to store the donuts
TOI TOI - my fave shop, I was there for almost 1 hour, every item is unique & adorable, they have great jewellery & homewares items
TEASME - specialty tea shop, bubble tea, teapots, and water bottle with plunger all sold here. I found teasme by accident, I was walking around Christchurch mid town & was badly craving for bubble tea on that day ... and whoooaalaa teasme was in front of me.
Mrs Higgins Cookies - I must say they are better than Mrs Fields !! I tried White chocolate macadamia & chunky chocolate chips...heaven !! they are not overly sweet which is a plus !! Must buy ....
Strawberry Fare - Chef Tasting Plate (creme brulee, chocolate mousse, home made ice cream). The best part is the cat tongue's biscuit & the super smooth ice cream.
Strawberry Fare - Californian Sunshine - orange & almond cake with citrus sorbet.
Springs Deli Cafe - do you want to try Heartstopper?
Springs Deli Cafe - Open Chicken Sandwich, the ultimate chicken sandwich with the lots, suppa avocado dressing !!
Bicycle rental @ Hanmer Springs
Foggy Hanmer Springs

Lolly Pots the lolly store - I recommend sour watermelon lolly - watermelon shaped lolly covered in sugar
Timaru is around 2-2.5hr drive from Christchurch & Pleasant Point is 15 minutes drive from Timaru.
If you are looking for a little quiet rest & relax spot, Pleasant Point is definitely the perfect place. We stayed at a great Bed & Breakfast place in Pleasant Point & very happy with the whole thing.
         Farmstay, bed & breakfast, olive oil producer & great host.
         They cooked wonderful breakfast too. For my review in, please click this link:   

Longview Bed & Breakfast - View from the room is breathtaking, fresh air & very green when you wake up in the morning
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  1. What a terrific post. I really loved seeing New Zealand through your eyes. You'd make a great tour guide. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Wonderful post...thanks for sharing with us your tour around NZ. I agree with Mary, you will make a great tour guide :)

  3. @ Mary & Elin - thank you ladies for dropping by & I guess dining & holiday(s) are my forte hehehehe =)