Thursday, March 5, 2009

TDF Tiramisu

I discovered this TDF tiramisu about 10 years ago thanks to the Sunday paper. The review was around Italian bakeries in Sydney, emphasising heavily on Sulfaro's TDF tiramisu.
To make my curiosity going obsolete, I did my little adventure back then, bought a slice of tiramisu on a 45 min return journey, and less than 5 mins to make if vanish from the box.

It's been a loyal 10 years, always buy the same stuff everytime I visit this shop & it is still the same tiramisu taste & texture as 10 years ago. Nothing appealing about the shop itself, basic decor, basic service -- no self service here -- you have to order your request on the counter, basic cake packaging. They can categorise themself into "Great Taste & No other effort required". I agree, I don't need them to do any marketing effort, I need them to keep this tiramisu consistent.

A& P Sulfaro Pasticceria Italiana
119 Ramsay Street, Haberfield, NSW 2045

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