Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Holiday Splurge

Here are my little spending spree during my 3 weeks holiday, nothing glam, just some mini snacks collection. I bought several Japanese snacks when I was in Hong Kong (some of them did not have a chance to be photographed...sorry readers, they were demolished before they get a chance to do a little publicity stunt). The good thing about Japanese snacks (majority of them) is they are individually wrapped - really practical, I can rotate everyday without having headaches about 'this will go off before I finish the whole box'. I have been bringing them to work almost everyday that my boss suspects I run a mini Japanese snacks store after I came back from my holiday. Anyway, here they little snacks store.

Left - Caplico, chocolate snacks in a cone, it is like eating mini ice cream cone without the ice cream
Right - Midi Pocky, shorter and thicker than normal Pocky

Green Tea galores - it is really hard to nominate which is the best. I love green tea and I love Japanese snacks ... combination of both really ruin my judgement. Might be a little biased, but they all really great. Green tea biscuits in different varieties, rice crispies/ Pocky stick/ biscuit block/ biscuit roll. Low level of sweetness and light.

Left - Bourbon black sesame biscuits, it is like a jumbo thin coin with thin layer of black sesame cream. Packed individually, very handy to bring to work. Again...this is light.
Right - I haven't had a chance to try them.

Left - Meiji Mushroom chocolates, mushroom shape honey caffe latte chocolate
Right - Meiji chocolate button, errr it is pretty similar as honey caffe latte ones

Some touristy stuff that I bought...key rings. Chip & Dale, Panda Bling, and another Panda
Seriously, how many key rings do I need? .....
Mickey Mouse oven mitts from Disneyland, too cute to be left un-adopted. This will encourage me to do more baking (I hope). It's a good start to have a proper baking props ...  =)

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